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Managing your period at work

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Cramps, bloatedness, fatigue, anxiety that you might leak - not fun things to happen to you at work. Periods x working is truly the collab that we didn't need!

A few ideas on how we can make it a bit more bearable:

Dress for comfort (both underwear and outerwear)

Stretchy full coverage cotton underwear is going to give you the most comfort. even if you are more bloated than usual. Full coverage will reduce the chances of leakage, and any anxiety that you are, so that you can focus on your day.

In terms of outerwear, flowy dresses with a high waist will keep you comfortable whilst reducing the appearance of bloatedness. If you prefer trousers, something with an elastic waist will be more comfortable

Darker clothing

Darker colours on bottom are best - in case of leakage, it won't be as obvious. Darker colours are also more slimming, which can help if you have any issues with bloating!


You're losing liquids, so it only makes sense to replenish. Dehydration makes you tired and uncomfortable - not what you need when you're at work!

Reduce alcohol and coffee too - they will both dehydrate you and increase inflammation

Go on a period-friendly diet

Foods that will make you feel a little bit better:

  • Bananas - to reduce bloating and cramps

  • Foods high in iron (e.g. spinach, red meat, beans) - to make up for the iron you're losing during your period

  • Fruits and vegetables - to reduce inflammation

Foods to avoid as they will make your period symptoms worse:

  • Foods high in salt (e.g. chips, hams) - salt will make your bloating worse

  • Foods high in sugar - to reduce mood swings

Get enough sleep

Your body is literally regenerating itself during this time, so make sure you're getting enough sleep where possible!

A little care package for yourself

I like to prepare a little care package fro myself in a cute pouch for period time. It feels like a bit of a treat, whilst making sure I have everything I need in one place. What I have in my care package:

  • Tampons / pads of all sizes

  • Ibuprofen to reduce pain and bloating

  • A lipstick and mirror

  • Concealer (as I'm partial to getting zits during this time)

  • A little piece of packaged chocolate

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